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Do you need a reliable, trustworthy and efficient Virtual Assistant?

You’ve come to the right place!

I am your ACE Virtual Professional and my services revolves around the maintenance of WordPress websites, managing social media platforms and creating graphics for businesses of busy entrepreneurs.

My ideal clients are…


Soloprenuers or Small Businesses with few to no employees.


Need help in managing social media pages.


Have limited experience with WordPress or no time to devote to site maintenance and adding new content.


Need someone who has the passion in creating designs for graphics and websites.


Need help sourcing and setting up WordPress plugins and themes.

You can expect me to…


Be responsive and reply within 24 hours of receiving your emails.


Be honest and open in my communication with you.


Make every effort to honor your project deadlines when you’ve given me ample notice.

How can ACE Virtual Professional serve you?




  • I will help you create and optimize your FB pages.
  • I will manage your presence in social networking sites.
  • I will create and maintain your social media editorial calendar and posting schedule.
  • I will create attention grabbing social media graphics that will represent your brand so that you can save your precious time in thinking of what looks good or not.
  • I will help you set up your WordPress websites FROM SCRATCH!
  • I will make sure your website is secured and safe from hackers!
  • I will help you in designing that could generate your business more SALES!


Eileen helped me get my new business venture up and running fast. Her thoughtful work in the early stages was huge factor in our fast success, eventually leading to the sale of the business less than one year later.

Nichelle Hubley

Entrepreneur, Swift Ascent Digital

Eileen is passionate about what she’s doing and that she is always willing to learn. She is resourceful, patient, hardworking and fun to work with. I love the fact that she wants to continue to learn and that she’s very open to feedback because she wants to improve her craft. A great VP in the making!

Nina Santiago Mendoza

Entrepreneur, New Smart Marketing

Eileen Gonzales is an all arounder. She excels in absolutely everything she brings her attention to; she’s very focused on completing tasks handed to her and finishes them with excellence. Her biggest strength is multitasking–she is able to accomodate many things in a single moment furthermore, her best workmanship shows when she is rushed off one’s feet.

Ruth Veluz

Jadephone English Former Manager, Jadephone English Tutorial, Inc.

Ms. Eileen is one of our reliable employees. She is dependable, proactive, a great leader and a great follower as well. When she was working under my supervision before I didn’t encounter any problem and with just minimal instructions she can perform her assigned job well. She relates well to other people and I can depend on her to assist a trainee or do extra work incase someone is suddenly absent. From my memory she was never late nor absent and even under a stressful situation in the work place she still maintains a positive disposition thus setting a good example to her co-workers. Maybe just an area for improvement would be for her to stop limiting herself in achieving more because I believe that she can do so much better if she would set higher standards for herself. She should be honest to the management and let them know that she deserves more than what her current company offers her. If she cannot get the equivalent compensation she deserves for the quality of job she gives to the company then maybe she would be better off working for another company. I advise her to step out of her comfort zone and explore other opportunities.

Rose Valena

Former Manager – Jadephone English Tutorial, Jadephone English Tutorial, Inc.

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